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Ketozin After a diet that has led to significant weight loss, one of the most unpleasant side effects for women, but also among the most common, is sagging skin in the chest.

Hard to feel beautiful with a saggy chest and who falls. Heres how to quickly fix a sagging breast, and without surgery only with home remedies.

Nourish your skin

The ideal is obviously to anticipate during his diet, and start using a firming cream, for example based on caffeine, 2 times a day from the beginning of weight loss.


But even afterwards it is not too late to improve the elasticity of her breasts with homemade solutions. You can massage for at least 15 minutes each breasts in circular motion 1 time a day your breasts with olive oil with antioxidant properties that will improve the tone of the skin. You can also make a mask by mixing together 1 toning cucumber with an egg yolk stuffed with vitamin and a teaspoon of nourishing shea butter. This weekly mask is rinsed with cold water after 30 minutes.

Cold massage with ice cubes

To fully benefit from the tightening and firming effect of cold on the skin, use 2 ice cubes and apply them in circular motions on your breasts until their melting. After drying the skin, quickly adjust your bra and stay on your back for 30 minutes. Try to renew several times a day.

The mask with green clay

Green clay is known for its purifying and detoxifying effect on the skin. A green clay mask on your breasts is ideal to prepare the skin to receive other treatments, and also have a direct firming effect.

Apply the clay in a thick layer, and rinse with cold water when completely dry, or even let stand overnight if you can sleep on your back.

Firming an exercise

The muscles supporting the breasts are the famous pecs. Bodybuilding exercises are effective if they are performed at least three times a week. Always in the idea of ​​applying homemade solutions, use 1 liter bottles or 1 liter and half filled with water as dumbbells.

Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions of these movements:

Chest opening movement: sitting with your arms bent in front of you with your elbows at a 90 ° angle at shoulders and palms facing each other, spread your arms backwards without moving your elbows to bring your elbows aligned in the same axis as your shoulders, and try again

Lifting motion: Always sit with your elbows bent at right angles and at shoulder height, press your arms against the wall like your back, then lift the dumbbells by sliding your arms up against the wall until the two dumbbells touch over your head. Gently lower the arms to counter the effect of gravity.


without dumbbell, bending: get up and face the wall, leaving between you and the wall the length of your arms. Extend your arms and press your palms on the wall, then bend your elbows and legs down, until you feel the stretching of the chest muscles, and hold the position for 5 seconds before going back up and starting again.

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